Personalized Christmas Gifts

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year to surprise your beloved one with meaningful gifts. Don't miss this opportunity to tell them how much you love and cherish who they are, through personalized Christmas gifts. Our diverse collections of festive gifts - from sentimental keepsakes like Christmas ornaments to practical stuff like Christmas outfits, and so many more options - will let you easily customize the right present for everyone on your list. No matter who you gift-giving for, make sure their Christmas Eve ends with a happy smile by receiving your best-personalized present.

The Meaning Of A Personalized Christmas Gift

Personalized Christmas Gifts

No gifts are considered quite as special as personalized Christmas gifts. Everybody wants to find the perfect gift for loved ones during the holiday season, and a present that’s been tailored to suit your friend’s or family member’s interests is always a great choice to show you care.

Personalized Christmas gifts are a way of acknowledging that you think highly of the other person and have made an effort to take notice of their interests or something else special about them. Whether your present incorporates a shared photo of you both or reflects a hobby you know they love, these types of gifts are a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

Why Are personalized Christmas Gifts The Best Options?

When people receive personalized Christmas gifts, their reactions say it all. Don’t be surprised if the recipient tears up on Christmas Day because of your thoughtfulness! Likewise, your friend may burst into laughter opening a gift that reminds them of an inside joke you both share.

They’re More Fun And Creative Than Traditional Gifts

Let’s face it! Gifts like sweaters and coffee mugs are perfectly fine gifts, but they can get old after a while. Why not add a little more flair to these traditional gifts? A shirt or other piece of clothing that incorporates a favorite theme or their name is so much more fun and shows your creative side.

Your Gift Will Be Unique (And Can’t Be Regifted!)

We give gifts because we want people to know we appreciate them. Don’t make your present seem like an afterthought. Personalizing your gifts will reflect not just your uniqueness and creativity, but it’ll also show that you consider the recipient to be a person with unique interests and traits.

Everybody Loves Personalized Gifts

Nobody is going to be disappointed opening a personalized gift on Christmas Day. Young children will be thrilled to own something that is personal to them, while adults often appreciate gifts that are customized with sentimental touches.

Whom Can You Give Personalized Christmas Gifts To?

Christmas Gifts For Women

Thinking of buying a personalized Christmas gift for the older women in your family? Whether you want to give a gift to your mom, grandma, or another loving female family member you appreciate, personal gifts are guaranteed to be a hit. No one wants to receive a gift that they assume was bought last minute, and personalizing your gift makes it clear you put time and consideration into it.

If you need gift ideas for the women in your family, consider Vprintes’ selection of customized shirt options. A shirt with your mother’s name or a symbol that’s unique to her can be the perfect way to express your love. Alternatively, a personalized pillow in her favorite color can add just the right touch to her home. Consider giving your grandma an ornament with her wedding anniversary or birthdate on it to show you’ve taken the time to remember these special dates.

Christmas Gifts For Men

Some people mistakenly think that men are difficult to buy gifts for. But just like everyone else, the right gift can go a long way and make a great impression! If you’re looking to buy a gift for your dad or grandpa, there are plenty of personalized options we offer. The hardest part will be deciding which to choose! Your family members helped care for you when you were young, so why not thank them with something like an ornament that depicts a photo of you all together?

Likewise, you can give your male relatives (or your husband) a customized tumbler or shirt with their names, birthdates, or even references to their favorite movies. You can also consider adding one-of-a-kind sayings or funny quotes that have a personal meaning for the recipient. When your family is gathered around the Christmas tree, you can bet they’ll be smiling and showing off these unique gifts.

Christmas Gifts For Babies

Are there many more exciting gifts to buy than those for new parents and their newborn? The cuteness is almost impossible to bear! While a tiny baby won’t necessarily be able to appreciate their gift right away, you can bet the parents will hold onto the gift for years to come. Personalize an adorable onesie that the child can one day pass on to their very own baby. When it comes to baby gifts, there’s a good chance they’ll be exchanged between family members well into the future.

Another lovely way of celebrating the newborn’s first Christmas Eve is with a unique baby’s first Christmas gift, for instance, ornament. Add a little text that welcomes them to the family, or include personalized details like their name, their birthdate, and possibly even a sweet baby photo from the hospital. As the child grows older, you can guarantee they’ll be looking forward to helping hang their very first Christmas ornament on a special part of the tree!

Christmas Gifts For Kids

While buying gifts for adults is fun, we all know that the Christmas season is all about the kids. Children look forward to Christmas Day throughout the year, and no one wants to disappoint them! Personalized Christmas gifts for kids is one of the best ways to make sure they feel happy on that special morning.

Buy the children in your family clothing that’s customized with each of their names. Younger ones can receive a onesie with their name or nickname embroidered on the front, while older kids will love a simple, comfy shirt that’s just their size and style.

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Christmas Gifts For Teens

Teens can also get a bad reputation for being difficult to find gifts for. But they don’t have to be! Teens appreciate a thoughtful gift as much as the rest of us, and personalizing your present is always a great way to go. Add to your teen’s closet with a personalized shirt or other article of clothing that represents their unique style. Not sure what clothing they like these days?

An easy alternative option is a fluffy pillow that’s got their name on it, or a set of customized ornaments with their name or date on them. Do they like a certain sport or film? Why not incorporate pictures?

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Christmas Gifts For Couples

The holiday season is especially important for couples, both young and old. Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or other special person in your life doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Have you gone on an adventurous trip together? Why not use a photo from that trip and turn it into a piece of personalized wall art for him? Do you both love the same sports team? Create a customized Christmas garden flag that represents your favorite team’s logo or their colors.

Other good options include a Christmas ornament that has the date you first met her or represents a memory from your first date together. You can also include anniversary dates and other moments that you all have shared together during your relationship. Add customized text that says something about appreciating the good things they’ve added to your life or what you’re thankful for about them.

Christmas Gifts For Friends

Christmas isn’t just about your family, you can’t forget about your friends! Our friends are those dear people in our lives who help us get through the holidays sometimes. Show your bestie how much you appreciate the support they offer you by selecting a one-of-a-kind gift that you’ve personalized to reflect their special interests and personality.

For example, does your best friend love coffee? Give them a couple customized Christmas mugs they can use on those restful days after the holiday rush. Are they always on the go? Consider designing a personalized tumbler with their name on it so they can keep track of their cup at work and elsewhere. Be as sentimental or as goofy as you want! You can write a heartfelt expression on your gift, or you can keep it light and silly with matching best friend ornaments. You know your friend better than most people, so just consider what they would love to open on Christmas morning!

Christmas Gifts For Coworkers

If you have lots of coworkers and want to get them each a little something this Christmas season, it can be hard to know what to get them. Luckily, Vprintes offers a variety of personalized Christmas gifts that makes present-giving around the office easier than ever.

Treat your coworkers to customized mugs with your company’s name on them, or give your colleagues tumblers that are personalized with their names, favorite colors, and designs. Customized gifts are the ideal way to make sure everyone in the office gets something without having to go overboard on your budget for the holiday season.

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Christmas Gifts For Teachers

We’re all thankful for that certain, wonderful teacher in our lives. Whether you’re a college student that wants to say thanks to a professor, or you’re a parent that wants to acknowledge all the work a teacher’s put into their class, giving a customized gift is the perfect way to show gratitude.

Your child will be thrilled to give their teachers a set of customized tumblers or shirts with a saying like “Teacher of the Year” or even a simple “Thank you!” for their service. Other convenient options for teachers include personalized ornaments from a student in the class.

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Christmas Gifts For Family

Our families are near and dear to us, and during the holiday season, it’s important to remember all the good things about having people we can count on. When you need a gift for a family member, consider what it is you appreciate about the person.

Is it their calming nature? Maybe they’ll enjoy a personalized Christmas blanket for relaxing. Do you appreciate the fact that the family member always cooks delicious meals for you? Add a personalized mug to their dish collection, one they can use throughout the year. These special gifts can help them feel warm and fuzzy inside even past the holiday season.

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Christmas Gifts For Pets

Don’t overlook some of the sweetest family members around - your pets! Whether you have a cat or dog, you can’t forget to celebrate them this Christmas season. Personalized Christmas gifts are also available for the furry loved ones in your life.

Consider a customized doormat that shows appreciation for your pets. Does a relative or friend have a soft spot for animals? Gift them custom tumblers, mugs, or even t-shirts with their beloved cat or dog’s face on them. They’ll love the fact that you included their pets in the holiday gift exchange. They’re sure to remember your personal gift for years to come!

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Types Of Personalized Christmas Gifts

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Just about everyone that celebrates Christmas puts up a tree each year and looks forward to decorating it with ornaments from years past. Why not make this year a little more special by personalizing Christmas ornaments for all of your friends and family? Bring back memories of warm summer days at the beach by designing photo ornaments with snapshots of those vacations you took earlier in the year. Our selection of wood ornaments includes long-lasting options that hold up to the test of time.

Want to get even more creative with your tree decorations? Our dog ornaments and cat ornaments are a fitting option for animal lovers, helping you celebrate the precious pets in your family’s lives. Show a relative you care by creating memorial ornaments for their pets who have passed away. This is the perfect way to keep departed pets in their memory and to save space for them on the Christmas tree.

Personalized Christmas Shirts

Personalized Christmas Shirts

Have fun creating Christmas gifts this year by designing personalized clothes for everyone! People young and old always appreciate getting clothes any time of year. You’ll get to show off your creative side by creating a family Christmas shirt that your family members can wear together for a Christmas photo taken by the fireplace. We’ve got plenty of options for everyone in your family, so craft a sentimental women’s Christmas shirt for mom and a warm style of men’s Christmas shirt for your dad.

Don’t forget the children! They’ll love wearing matching kids’ Christmas shirts while opening the rest of their gifts. Have a partner? Get silly this year and have fun designing a couple Christmas shirt for you and them. You can wear them together for all the family events and even to Christmas parties. There will be no doubt at all that you’re in love with your partner!

Personalized Christmas Pillow

Personalized Christmas Pillows 

When you think of the holiday season, likely one of the first things that comes to mind is the chilly winter weather! While it can be fun to play in the snow, it’s just as nice to come back inside to a warm, comfy home. Make this Christmas season even more relaxing with personalized Christmas pillows for all of your loved ones. We have a large selection of indoor and outdoor pillows that include square designs and throw pillows.

Customizing these pillows is a convenient way of incorporating your family’s favorite quotes, photographs, and colors into gifts for the whole family. Consider choosing the first letter of your family’s last name to set a linen pillow or canvas pillow apart. Every time a family member looks at their personalized pillow, they’ll remember that you care about them. These unique pillows will also make great keepsakes for parents and children alike!

Personalized Christmas Mug

Personalized Christmas Mugs 

Think personalized Christmas mugs are just for coffee drinkers? Think again! While it’s true, some people will swear there’s nothing better than pouring a steaming hot cup of joe first thing on Christmas morning, mugs can be used for a variety of beverages. From decadent hot chocolate sprinkled with crushed bits of peppermint to a warm cup of spicy chai, Christmas mugs are a wonderful way to warm up during the cold winter months.

Make your gift stand out by creating custom coffee mugs that offer a unique spin on the traditional holiday cup. You can get as creative as you’d like with the design. Vprintes offers several options that help you design a look that you and your family will love. Consider customizing your coffee mugs with treasured family photos you pull from the dusty photo album. You can even design mugs for the little ones in your family to sip their milk from as they snack on the cookies made for Santa!

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Personalized Christmas Tumbler

Personalized Christmas Tumblers

One of the most versatile presents you can give to friends and family are personalized Christmas tumblers. Tumblers are sturdy cups that are designed with longevity in mind. Specially formulated to be taken just about everywhere, tumblers are a sensible gift option for families on the go. When you combine their convenience with a personalized touch like a person’s name or their birthday, you can be sure you’re giving a gift that everyone will love this year.

What’s Christmas without a little eggnog or wine for the adults? Give your friends and family an individualized wine tumbler as a Christmas gift this year. It’s the perfect way to sip wine by the fireplace and swap stories about Christmases past. Have a friend that’s always off jet-setting across the world? Give them a travel tumbler so they can stay hydrated during their adventures. With our skinny tumbler options, packing these dishes is easier than ever!

Personalized Christmas Blanket

Personalized Christmas Blankets 

Who doesn’t love the idea of snuggling under a warm, fuzzy blanket on a cold winter day, watching the snow fall through the window? Browse our collection of personalized Christmas blankets to find the right style for you and your family this year. Our unique Christmas fleece blanket options make for comfy gifts for everyone. We also have Christmas throw blankets that can be customized with designs that reflect your friends and family’s lives. Whether you decide to design one with a favorite family photo or your family’s last name, you can be sure everyone will want one this year.

Need a gift for a newborn? Create a Christmas baby blanket that commemorates the infant’s very first Christmas. Not only is this gift ultra-practical, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to present the newest addition to your family with a memorable keepsake that can be used for future generations of infants.

Personalized Christmas Doormat

Personalized Christmas Doormats

When you first enter someone’s home, what’s one of the first things that you see? Their doormat! Help your loved ones show off their home in style this year by presenting them with a personalized Christmas doormat this holiday season. Whether you want to design one for indoor or outdoor use, Vprintes has a large selection of quality materials that will hold up over the years.

Not sure what sort of doormat to purchase? Consider designing one that incorporates the recipient’s name or birthday. If they have animals, you can design one that includes their pets or a cute saying. One of the best parts of a custom doormat is that it’s not just nice to look at - it’s practical, too. A personalized doormat is an especially fitting gift if one of your friends or family members has recently moved into a new home around the holidays. A special doormat can add a little touch of home and family memories to a new place.

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Personalized Christmas Wall Art

Personalized Christmas Wall Arts

Help the loved ones in your life decorate their home in a stylish way that means a little something. With our collection of personalized Christmas wall art options, it’s easier than ever to give the gift of art this holiday season.

We offer a collection of canvas print options. A canvas print is the perfect way to make a special photograph look even better. Consider our poster and other wall décor options available for college students who need help decorating their bare dorms this year. These items are also ideal for giving an extra holiday feel to newer homes.

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Personalized Christmas Garden Flag

Personalized Christmas Garden Flags

When considering Christmas presents this year, don’t just focus on the indoors. Consider gifts that can be used in the outdoor area as well! Acknowledge those dear friends and family who have especially green thumbs and love spending time working on the lawn or in the garden. Design customized garden décor for them this year and add a little sparkle to their yard.

Whether you present them with a cute gnome garden flag or a sentimental personalized family garden flag, you can rest assured they’ll love displaying their gift for the entire neighborhood to see! Get as creative as you like with these flags, adding special sayings or cherished photos.

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Other Christmas Gifts 

Christmas Cards

Do you ever find it difficult to find a Christmas card that exactly captures how you feel about another person? If so, you’re not alone. Sometimes, it’s actually impossible to find a card that really expresses your appreciation for someone.

When that’s the case, consider giving personalized Christmas cards instead! Save yourself the hassle of searching the store shelves and reading dozens of cards. The personalizing your own cards option is the ideal way to give your own meaning to Christmas this year. You can insert whatever content you wish and customize the card with your favorite pictures. You can even decorate the envelope as well!

Personalized Christmas Card

Christmas Stockings

It’s hard to find children who don’t get excited about hanging their Christmas stockings above the fireplace on Christmas Eve. In fact, many adults still enjoy participating in this beloved tradition. Why not make personalized Christmas stockings this year for your friends and family? 

When you design your own stockings, people are much more likely to want to hang on to them for future years. And when they include special details like names, they have even more emotional value. Because they’re only used a few weeks out of the year, it’s not uncommon for some Christmas stockings to last decades! Now that’s what we call a long-lasting present!

Personalized Christmas Stockings

Christmas Cracker

Everyone loves the joy of opening a colorful Christmas cracker, not sure what’s inside. But what if you knew exactly what was inside everyone’s Christmas cracker? You can when you gift them a pers onalized Christmas cracker, selecting each of the prizes within. You can make sure to pick all the favorite candies and toys you know the recipient will love!

Personalized Christmas Cracker

Santa Hats

Is there any time of year besides Christmas that you can get away with wearing a bright fuzzy red hat with white trim? Honestly, not really. So why not take advantage of the season and buy your friends and family fun personalized Santa hats that celebrate the colorful cheer of the season?

Personalized Christmas Santa Hat

Snow Globes

Snow globes are one of the most beautiful items of the Christmas season. Filled with clear water and sparkly “snow”, there’s simply something magical about looking at a shiny snow globe. Consider giving your friends personalized snow globes with their pictures inside this Christmas. These knickknacks are sure to get a lot of attention!

Personalized Christmas Snow Globe

Kitchen Decorations

It’s hard to stay out of the kitchen during the holidays, for better or for worse. For those home chefs that are always baking up a storm this time of year, show your appreciation for them by giving them personalized kitchen decorations for their home. These gifts will make it clear who the home chef really is!

Personalized Christmas Kitchen Decoration

Christmas Gift Wrap

Part of the joy of opening a gift is not knowing what’s inside. Add a little extra fun to the mystery by wrapping your gifts with personalized Christmas gift wrap. You can add some family photos to the paper or even people’s names. Alternatively, you can even choose designs you know the recipient loves, like images of birds, dogs, etc.

Personalized Christmas Gift Wrap

Christmas Picture Frame

If your household around Christmas time is similar to most, chances are, the cameras are flashing nearly every second of the season. With all those photos lying around, why not put them in a personalized Christmas picture frame and gift them to a loved one? Customization options include writing names along the outside of the frame or even just meaningful quotes.

Personalized Christmas Picture Frame

Christmas Baubles

No Christmas tree is complete with several shiny Christmas baubles to reflect the light from the fireplace. Consider designing personalized Christmas baubles for the special people in your life. Crafting beautiful baubles is a lovely gift, as it gives the recipient something they can use again and again in future years.

Personalized Christmas Baubles

Christmas Photo Gifts

An easy way to celebrate all the good times you’ve had with someone is by reminiscing through old photos. Why not create unique photo gifts for them this year? Whether you’re remembering fun trips you took together or other holidays, consider making a personalized photo gift like a deck of cards, coasters, or even magnets!

Personalized Christmas Photo Gifts

Christmas Traditions In America

Christmas in America is no doubt the biggest celebration of the year. People celebrate this Holiday in many ways, some decorate their homes with beautiful Christmas trees and Christmas lights, many others exchange gifts and visit friends and families. Americans engage in various fun and amazing Christmas rituals like hanging stockings, leaving cookies out for Santa, Caroling, visiting Santa, Christmas shopping, decorating Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, and preparing special Christmas dishes. Christmas parties in the States are usually bunkers! Friends and families organize Christmas parties and bring people together to merry and celebrate.

During Christmas, there are a lot of fun gatherings in America. People come together to share Christmas cheer, sing Christmas songs together, and even watch Christmas movies. Americans spend over 150 billion dollars on online Christmas shopping alone. That’s a ridiculous amount but this shows you how seriously people take Christian celebration in the states. But hey! Nothing is too much when it comes to sharing love and happiness.


While your friends and family are sure to love any gift you decide to give them this year, the personalized approach is almost always the way to go. Not only does it show that you care enough about them to give them a gift, but customizing your gift also shows that you put obvious thought and effort into selecting the present. Stay stress-free this holiday season by shopping with Vprintes and customizing gifts for all your loved ones!