Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Whether you're decorating a Christmas tree for the very first time or you want to switch things up for a fun holiday refresh, personalized Christmas ornaments are always a great idea. Design unique ornaments for the Christmas tree with pictures of your family and loved ones (don't forget your pets), and enjoy them from the year gone by. Pack of custom ornaments will be a small but meaningful custom Christmas gift for everyone on your list, for saving these joyful moments and rejoicing many winter times after. After the garland but before the tinsel, your tree will be looking most charming with unique details created just for you and your favorite people.

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Choosing the right Christmas gift for someone isn’t always easy. When your shopping list includes several people near and far away, it can be even harder to find presents that suit everybody’s individual tastes and style. If you want to be sure the recipients will love their presents this year, why not give them a personalized keepsake like a custom Christmas ornament?

Vprintes’ wide selection of ornaments are the perfect presents for animal lovers, grandparents, grandchildren, sons, daughters, parents, and more! You’ll love choosing just the right phrase to put on your ornament to make your friends and family smile on Christmas morning.

You can even get an ornament for each member of your family, as it’s the perfect gift for young and old alike. This way, each person knows that you thought about them and created a little something special just for them. What’s more exciting than opening a package that you realize has been completely designed with you in mind?

Your loved ones are guaranteed to be excited to place their unique, personalized ornaments on their tree this year. One of the advantages of gifting Christmas ornaments to your friends and family members is that they are reusable and long-lasting. Don’t be surprised if your gifts last for decades, and they’ll likely become a ritual in households. Isn’t half the fun of Christmas getting to decorate the tree with shiny and sentimental ornaments?

Personalized Christmas Ornament For Everyone On Your List 

Does your father have a dog that he simply adores? Is your grandmother a lover of all things related to cats? Perhaps your brother has a large family with several children that he can’t help but brag about all the time. No matter who you’re buying a gift for, you’ll have no shortage of options when it comes to finding the ideal personalized Christmas ornament. Even if you’re not sure of someone’s interests, you can never go wrong with an ornament that displays their name or birthday.

Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

Personalized Family Christmas Ornament

When your family has more aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, and cousins than you can count, a family-themed ornament is the way to go. But how exactly can you customize your gift to make it different from other ones you might find in the store? It’s easy!

Simply choose a family photo to incorporate into your gift, acknowledge a special date in your family, or even consider designing an ornament that has your family’s surname on it. Whether you choose to give everyone the same family-themed ornament or if you modify each slightly with their individual names, you’re sure to have a unique set of gifts.

Little ones look forward to the holiday season all year long. Surprise them with a kids ornament that makes them feel special and loved. What child wouldn’t be amazed by a sparkly, colorful gift with their name written on it?

Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Personalized Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

Whether you or someone you know has recently become a parent, a baby’s first Christmas ornament is a precious reminder of this special time. This gift serves a dual purpose. It shows the parents you want to welcome their bundle of joy into this world while also creating a keepsake the child can hold onto forever.

Consider decorating the ornament with the baby’s date of birth or a lovely picture of the infant in their parents’ arms. Every year, you can bet the kid will be excited to bring down their ornament from the attic and carefully place it on the tree. You could even go a step further and give a Christmas ornament for all the children in the family, customizing them with their names, birthdays, or even hobbies.

Personalized Sister Ornament

Personalized Sister Ornament

There’s no doubt sisters have a special and unique relationship. From silly secrets to shared clothes, sisters have a bond unlike many others. If you’re wondering what gift you could give your sister this year, why not design a sister Christmas ornament that will remind her of that exceptional relationship you have?

Whether you decide to include an inside joke the two of you share, or you simply dress up the gift with her name and birthdate on it, she’s bound to be grateful she has a sister that’s so thoughtful. You could even get matching ornaments with your favorite picture of you two together! That way, you can both know each other has the same ornament on their tree even if you are living on opposite sides of the country.

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Personalized Ornament For Dog Lovers

Personalized Ornament For Dog Lovers

Christmas is the season for spending lots of time with our friends and family. But keep in mind that pets like the family dog shouldn’t be forgotten in the celebration! A great way to express your love for your canine friend is by giving them their very own dog Christmas ornament. Vprintes can customize your gift to include a likeness of your dog in a cartoon style.

You can also upload an actual picture of Fido or dedicate an ornament to them by having their name printed across the front. Maybe you don’t have a dog, but you’ve got a family member that’s obsessed with dogs? Get on Santa’s good list this year with customized dog ornaments for their dog pack!

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Personalized Ornament For Cat Lovers

Personalized Ornament For Cat Lovers

If you have cats in your family, you probably realize they love the Christmas season as much as your human family members! From warm cuddles by the fireplace to hours of entertainment watching them chase tinsel dangling from the Christmas tree, we know you love your cat more than anything. Celebrate your cat (or multiple cats) with customized cat Christmas ornaments. Got a funny photo of Fluffy from earlier in the year? Add that image to your gift. Or be extra silly and take a family photo with your cat dressed in a Santa hat. You’ll have a cat ornament that’s sure to make everyone in your family smile each year!

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Personalized Friend Ornament

Personalized Friend Ornament

What would we do without our dear friends throughout the year? If you have a friend that’s always there for you when you need to talk or seems to have an answer for every problem you have, don’t they deserve a bit of recognition this Christmas?

Perhaps you want to celebrate their success in education by gifting them a graduation ornament, or maybe you want to present them with a customized friend ornament that includes a picture of one of your favorite memories together. Whichever you decide, your friend is sure to appreciate the fact you’re showing gratitude for all they’ve done for you throughout the year.

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Personalized Couple Ornament

Personalized Couple Ornament

If you’re in a relationship, you’ve likely been considering what gift to purchase for your partner for a while already. Customizing a couple’s Christmas ornament shows that you remember certain occasions and want to keep those memories alive. For example, if you’ve just decided to get married, you could purchase an engagement ornament that’s a reminder of this exciting time.

Or, if you’ve actually tied the knot this year, consider buying a wedding ornament or new home ornament. This gift is a keepsake that’s sure to make its way onto the Christmas tree each year. Is your relationship a bit newer? Personalization is still an option through ideas like a first time Christmas ornament marking the year.

Photo Christmas Ornaments To Give As A Favorite Gift

Do you love taking photos? Maybe one of your friends or family members is the de facto photographer in the group? If so, why not incorporate an image with the recipient’s name on a photo ornament? You can even design a monogrammed ornament, including a meaningful photo in the background.

Personalizing your ornaments with photographs is the perfect way to include old memories in a brand-new gift! You could even be extra creative this holiday season and decorate your tree entirely with photograph-themed ornaments depicting your friends and family. Gives new meaning to the phrase “family tree”, doesn’t it?

Personalized Christmas Photo Ornament

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In Loving Memory With Personalized Memorial Christmas Ornament 

The holidays can be a tough time for anyone who has lost a family member or beloved pet. Sometimes, it seems like Christmas just isn’t the same without them. However, you can make this year a bit easier by designing a personalized memorial Christmas ornament as a way to keep the departed in our minds. Incorporate your favorite photos from years past with that person, and you may find that you’re able to see a bright spot this year at Christmas time. This option is also suitable for anyone in your family who’s recently experienced the loss of a loved one.

Personalized Christmas Memorial Ornament

Create Unique Christmas Ornament

Creative people will love the fact that Vprintes’ custom ornaments can be designed in a wide range of styles. Customers can choose the exact color of their ornament (so you may want to start asking about your friends’ and family’s favorite colors!). You can mix and match looks to create ornaments that are as unique as your loved ones!

Not sure how the design you’re considering will look? No problem! At Vprintes, we offer a widget that lets you customize your Christmas ornaments to see exactly how the finished product will appear. This rendering allows you to modify your gift until you think it’s just right.

As with all products from Vprintes, our Christmas ornaments are fabricated with materials that are long-lasting. That means you don’t have to worry about them breaking or fading over time. You can rest assured that your personalized ornament will be around for many years.

Celebrate The Best Christmas Ever With Personalized Christmas Gifts

Customizing a gift shows the receiver that you have put time and effort into finding just the best present possible for them. While they’re likely to be grateful for any gift you give them, you’ll really see their eyes light up when they realize you’ve customized a gift just for them.

Vprintes offers plenty of items that are ideal for customizing around the holidays. Choose from our personalized Christmas gifts collection which includes:

Are you planning a big family trip for next year? Why not design matching t-shirts for everyone that’s going? Custom t-shirts will help your group stay together on your trip, not to mention help keep track of little ones who may get lost.

If your idea of a great gift is one that not only looks amazing but is also practical, consider personalizing blankets or pillows with names and important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. These gifts are the perfect accessory in any home, including areas like guest rooms, where visitors will love a unique touch.

Personalized wall art prints are a terrific keepsake for someone who has recently moved. You can help this person fill up their empty wall space with photos they love, adding a comforting touch of home.

Christmas Tradition In The United States

Many people in the United States celebrate Christmas. For these people, the holiday represents a time to celebrate loved ones through gift exchanges and endless meals. Children often countdown the days until Christmas, making lists of gifts they hope Santa Claus will bring them. Around the country, people go to bed on Christmas Eve in anticipation of what Christmas Day has in store.

Every family has their own ways of celebrating the holiday. Some love going to the movies, as cinemas often release a number of films on this day. Others stay at home to watch Christmas-themed movies from the comfort of their couch.

Many people prefer to spend their morning opening presents that Santa Claus left around the tree the night before. In fact, when children wake up on Christmas morning, they often immediately run down to the Christmas tree to look for their gifts.

Throughout the month of December, you’re sure to hear Christmas songs everywhere you go. You’ll also see seasonal-themed foods and beverages, like rich eggnog and colorful cookies. This year, add another tradition to your family’s celebration of the season. Order your personalized Christmas ornaments from Vprintes and get a head-start on your shopping!