15 Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That She Will Love

15 Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend That She Will Love | Vprintes

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you are looking for a way to make your girlfriend's Christmas extra special this year, it is time to start thinking about personalized Christmas gift ideas that she will love.

There are so many creative ways to give gifts this holiday season, from custom wine glasses with her name on them to personalized photo frames that show off all of her favorite memories. We have put together 15 different personalized Christmas gift ideas for girlfriends below.

Gift-giving during this festive season is more than a store-bought gift. For more thoughtful and sweet gift ideas, try Vprintes personalized Christmas gift ideas for this holiday season.

Good Christmas Gifts For Girlfriends Who Have Everything

If you think your girlfriend has more than everything she had, well think again, the following Christmas gifts will make your season extra merry and meaningful! Check out these unique and fun Christmas gifts for your girlfriend.

1. For Couple Who Love Decorating Christmas Tree Together

All I Want For Christmas Is You Ornament

All I Want For Christmas Is You Ornament

If you're up for a sweet gift idea this Christmas season, this item is the perfect personalized Christmas gifts for couple to make the celebration extra special. Everything about this ornament is customizable, from the message inside the decoration to how it is packaged. You can either choose a red or white Christmas tree, and you also get to pick your girlfriend’s favorite color for the cord from which this ornament hangs.

Include your name, add some sweet images, and add some more content here. It's the thought that counts, but if you want to make your girlfriend truly happy this Christmas season, go out of the box and give her something she'll love.

Get It Here | $18.95


2. If She Is A Sleepyhead

Our Love Story Pillow

Our Love Story Pillow

personalized Christmas pillow is another must-check gift idea for the special girl in your life. How about an utterly customizable throw pillow? Make it extra romantic by adding names of the two of you.

Making memorable memories starts by making meaningful gifts for your loved ones. We make it easy to turn memories into personalized Christmas gift ideas that will blow her away this holiday season.

Get It Here | $27.95


3. For Girlfriends Who Believe In Astrology

Constellation Map Wall Art Print

Constellation Map Wall Art Print

There's no better way to show you care than with a wall art print that means something to you two. So let her be your star in this festive season and create something unique too. Girls love thoughtful gifts with extra effort put in to make them perfect.

Get It Here | $26.00+


4. The Best Way To Show Off Your Love

The Broken Road Led Me To You Shirt

The Broken Road Led Me To You Shirt

How about a customizable personalized Christmas shirt that she can wear this Christmas? What's fascinating is that you can completely change everything in its design. Add her name to the plan for a unique Christmas gift.

There's no better way to express your love with an extra personalized touch coming from you. Change the shirt's color to her favorite one, and she'll love it!

Get It Here | $26.95


Sweet Christmas Gifts For Girlfriend 

We all want to be sweet and practical with our Christmas gift ideas. So here are some fantastic suggestions that you can give your girlfriend on the big day. Ditch the traditional stuff and make her feel extra special with these personalized Christmas gifts for women.

5. A Long-lasting Gift That Keep All Your Memorable Moments

Printed Basswood Photo Frame

Printed Basswood Photo Frame

Do you have any sweet snapshots? How about immortalizing them and printing them on wood with both the engraving of your name in it? This is a great unique Christmas gift that your girlfriend will surely love. She will indeed be looking forward to more photos of you being added to the list.

It's applicable for both new and old photos. One of the most thoughtful things you could do is give her a personalized gift, which she will never forget.

Get It Here | $34.79+


6. Make Her Feel Your Warm Embrace Any Moment

To My Girlfriend Blanket

To My Girlfriend Blanket

How about a personalized Christmas blanket to wrap her up in cozy warmth? You can embroider your names on the blanket or have it custom-made. That will surely melt her heart away and feel extra love during Christmas. She can use it when she goes camping and hiking or simply snuggles in her bed with a hot cup of cocoa after work to relax.

Get It Here | $36.95


Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Your Girlfriend

We all want to show our girlfriends how much we love and care about them. That is why, during Christmas time, people start looking for the perfect gift to give their girlfriend. Of course, there are many options out there, but sometimes it can be challenging to find that one particular thing that your girlfriend will cherish forever.

7. A Gift For Every Girl's Need

Floral Monogram Makeup Bag

Floral Monogram Makeup Bag

Girls will surely love a personal makeup bag. It is a great look, and it can be handy too. Now she can organize her make-up essentials in one, plus the fact that you have personalized it with her name on the bag will make this gift even more special.

Get It Here | $12.99+


8. For Girls Who Love Dogs

You, Me And The Dogs Tumbler

You, Me And The Dogs Tumbler

If both of you love dogs, you can get this personalized Christmas tumbler. This is a high-quality mug that you can put your favorite beverage in while enjoying the company of dogs in its background. In addition, this tumbler can be completely personalized with your names and the dog’s breed.

Change the color, design, include some names, images, and more! What can be sweeter than a personalized Christmas tumbler for your girlfriend?

Get It Here | $29.95


9. Best Gift For Cooking Lovers

Custom Apron With Pockets

Custom Apron With Pockets

Get her a custom apron with pockets for the love of all the sweet baking and home-cooked cooking that you do. She can keep all of the utensils and recipes she needs right on it while keeping her clothes clean from any spills or splatters!

Get It Here | $19.99


10. If She Loves Meditating

Personalized Yoga Mat

Personalized Yoga Mat

Meditation is one of the critical factors that helps your girlfriend stay healthy and happy. Now she can enjoy a relaxing time each day with this personalized yoga mat which you will personalize by adding her name. It also comes in multiple colors - whatever color she likes!

Get It Here | $39.99


11. For A Music Lover

Custom Photo Bluetooth Speakers

Custom Photo Bluetooth Speakers

Music lover that she is, she would possibly love receiving a custom photo Bluetooth speaker. So you can upload your favorite photos and personalize the cover of these wireless Bluetooth-enabled speakers to make it for her on Christmas day. This will surely melt her heart with so much love and joy.

Get It Here | $39.49

Personalized Jewelry - A Cute Christmas Surprise To Your Girlfriend

Jewelry is a girl's best friend. So if you're looking for a personalized Christmas gift idea, then the perfect option is to get her some jewelry engraved with your names or initials on it!

12. If She Is A Minimalist

Double Name Ring

Double Name Ring

Imprint names as the ring is one of the most romantic and unique gifts you could ever give, especially if she knows it is from you. Choose a font for both your names, and she'll be more than happy to wear it every day.

Get It Here | $23.62


13. For Horoscope Enthusiasts

Zodiac Necklace

Zodiac Necklace

If she's into horoscopes or likes constellations, she will appreciate this special piece of jewelry. It's a piece of multipurpose jewelry where you can engrave her name on it. It's ideal for everyday use or during special events. What's better to show your affection than to declare it from earth to the sky - literally!

Get It Here | $20.49


Christmas Gifts For A New Girlfriend

Winning the heart of your new girl is always a great feeling. If she just said yes to you recently, why not make her feel like you've been waiting for her forever. She will feel appreciated with these perfect Christmas gifts for a new girlfriend.

14. If You Are Celebrating Your First Christmas Together

First Christmas Together Ornament

First Christmas Together Ornament

Celebrating every relationship milestone is an essential thing. Many choose to celebrate their first Christmas together each year by getting personalized Christmas ornaments with both names engraved on them. What better way to remember this special day than having an ornament every year. Include the date, year, and sweet photos of you and your girlfriend from this day.

Get It Here | $19.95


15. Start To Write Down Your New Love Story

Our Adventure Book

Our Adventure Book

Plan a unique adventure together and document it in this gorgeous journal. Write your story together, capturing memories to last a lifetime! You can even take photos along the way or include postcards and memorabilia in the pockets provided.

This beautiful book is perfect for any couple who wants to explore new horizons while documenting their unique adventure. This is an ideal gift idea if you're looking for something different this Christmas.

Get It Here | $8.99



Finding the sweetest and most thoughtful Christmas gift this festive season can be challenging. So, why not look for something that is out of the ordinary? This could be anything from a thoughtful activity to a fantastic experience! If you want to give your girlfriend something extra special this Christmas, then one of these unique gift ideas could be perfect for you both.

You can also check our personalized Christmas gift ideas for your sister and any woman in your life. We want to make sure you give them something unique this year!

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