15 Best Custom Christmas Ornaments That Will Paws-itively Delight Dog Lovers

15 Best Custom Christmas Ornaments That Will Paws-itively Delight Dog Lovers | Vprintes

Your pet holds a special place in your heart, so it’s only right you treat them with love this Christmas.

There is no better way to celebrate the liveliest member of the family than hanging up an ornament in their honor. If you don’t celebrate your dog often, this Christmas is the best time to start this meaningful family tradition of getting your pet a new custom Christmas ornament to celebrate another year of your paw-shaped friend bringing joy to the family. 

We’ve rounded up 15 Christmas pet ornaments that will surely make our four-legged buddy jump for joy. Dogs can get too excited and damage a breakable item, always hang delicate items on the top of the tree so the dog can’t reach it. With Vprintes, you can never run short of ideas. You can customize any gift for your loved ones on our gift hub and they will never forget that moment. So, if you’re not too busy, here are 15 custom Christmas ornaments for dog lovers.

15 Best-chosen Dog Ornament Ideas For Decking Your Christmas Tree

Everyone wants a beautiful Christmas tree every year, but most people don’t know how to make that happen. These dog ornament ideas will spice up your Christmas tree and give it an attractive spark. Make your neighbors jealous this Christmas with these fabulous dog ornament ideas for decking your Christmas tree.

Red Truck Christmas Personalized Dog Ornament

1. Red Truck Christmas Personalized Dog Ornament

Having a pet in the family is a great addition and should be cherished. Most pet lovers have more than one dog and don’t know how to please them all at once.  You can make all your buddies jump for joy by gifting them this red truck personalized Christmas ornament. From German Shepard, Bulldog, to Poodle, all dog breeds will love this gesture. Add their pictures and names on this beautiful Christmas ornament and give your little buddies something to rejoice about. 

Buy Now | $19.95


Buddy’s First Christmas Bone Ornament

2. Buddy’s First Christmas Bone Ornament

Celebrate all the unforgettable joyful experiences you’ve had with your dog and customize a Christmas bone ornament for your paw friend this Christmas. You can customize this bone-shaped ornament, place it over your Christmas tree and let it be a reminder of the bond you share with your ever-loving buddy.

Buy Now | $13.97


Dear Dog Dad Christmas Personalized Ornament

3. Dear Dog Dad Christmas Personalized Ornament

If you have a loved one who owns up to six dogs, this ornament will make a perfect gift for them. Add dog pictures, dog names, and write a sweet Christmas message on the ornament. This is an amazing keepsake for dog lovers, join the train now and give a dog lover this trendy gift. You can hang this ornament on a Christmas tree or on your shelf. You can as well use it to beautify your space.

Buy Now | $21.95


Dog Mom Personalized Dog Christmas Ornament

4. Dog Mom Christmas Personalized Ornament

Just like our mom, dog moms are special and deserve all the best gifts this celebration season. Gift a dog lover this dog mom ornament and bring a cheer to their faces. This beautiful ornament can be placed beside a TV, hung on the wall of the sitting room, or on a Christmas tree.

Buy Now | $19.95


Personalized Dog Christmas Tree Bauble

5. Personalized Dog Christmas Tree Bauble

 Are you looking for the best ornament to design your garden? A personalized dog tree bauble will do the trick. Add more life to your outdoor design by hanging dog Christmas tree baubles around your garden. Customize your pet’s name on the ornament and the year we’re in, and create an aesthetic outdoor view everyone will love. 

Buy Now | $4.24


Always In My Heart Personalized Dog Photo Ornament

6. Always in My Heart Personalized Dog Photo Ornament

Our pets are a special part of us, they occupy a vacuum in our hearts and can hardly be replaced. You can always remind yourself of how special your pets are by customizing a beautiful photo ornament you can carry around. Add your photo and your pet’s photo and a charming message. Make a big portrait of this photo and use them to decorate your space.

Buy Now | $19.95


Christmas Eve Family with Dog Custom Ornament

7. Christmas Eve Family With Dog Custom Ornament

Make your dog the center stage this Christmas eve by customizing a family portrait with the dog in the middle. Dress the dog in Christmas attire and take a family shot before the big celebration. Add the names of everybody on the photo including the dog’s name and create something truly special this Xmas eve.

Buy Now | $15.57


My Hardest Goodbye Dog Memorial Ornament

8. My Hardest Goodbye Dog Memorial Ornament

As hard as it may sound, nothing lasts forever! It is a sorrowful experience when we lose a loved one, but these are the realities of life and we have to live with it. If you know a friend that lost a dog, it is only right you show support by gifting them this beautiful dog memorial ornament. Hang this ornament on a special place or keep it in your wallet. 

Buy Now | $19.95


In Memory Of Pet Custom Ornament

9. In Memory Of Pet Custom Ornament

There is no better way to honor the memory of a pet we lost. Customize the pet’s name and picture with a touching message like “always in our hearts” or “gone but never forgotten”. Always remind yourself of your cuddle buddy that brought so much happiness and life to the family. Make a big portrait with the dog’s picture and name and place it anywhere in the house.

Buy Now | $26.95


Handcraft Wire Bone With Pet’s Name Ornament

10. Handcraft Wire Bone with Pet’s Name Ornament

Hand-crafted wire bone with your pet’s name is sure to stand out on your Christmas tree this year. Choose any color and customize your dog’s name with aluminum wire, you can use more than one color to make it pop better. Hang it around the Christmas lights or on the Christmas tree.

Buy Now | $16.00


Acrylic With Pet’s Name Tag Ornament

11. Acrylic with Pet’s Name Tag Ornament

Acrylics add aesthetics to any space and bring a charming ambiance to any decoration. This Christmas, why not do something off the scripts. Decorate your Christmas tree with a beautiful Acrylic ornament with your pet name on it. Choose as many colors as you want and create a soothing vibe.

Buy Now | $20.00


Dog’s Face Personalized Ornament

12. Dog’s Face Personalized Ornament

We tend to beautify our homes with ornaments that commemorate different moments in our lives. This dog’s face personalized ornament is sure to bring a spark to your Christmas décor this year. Make sure your cuddle buddy is not left out in this year’s Xmas cheer by using this dog’s faced ornament for your decorations.

Buy Now | $30.00


You And Me And Dog Personalized Christmas Ornament

13. You and me and Dog Personalized Christmas Ornament

If you know someone that just got a dog pet, commemorate the occasion with this beautiful ornament. Family is important and pets are a huge part of the family. They bring laughter and love to the family so it’s only right to give them a seat in the family photoshoot. So, take a stupendous family photo of you, your partner, and your dog. Add your names and write “you and me and dog”. You’ll love it! 

Buy Now | $19.95


Aunt And Dog Mom Personalized Ornament

14. Aunt and Dog Mom Personalized Ornament

Are you a dog mom and an Aunt? You should celebrate yourself this Christmas with a personalized ornament. Your nephews, nieces, and pets are all important to you. Show them how much you care about them by customizing their names and pictures on an ornament and display it on your Christmas tree with pride.

Buy Now | $19.95


Heart-shaped Pet Photo Ornament

15. Heart-shaped Pet Photo Ornament

Any dog lover will appreciate this kind of present for Christmas. A heart-shaped pet photo ornament is a gorgeous keepsake this Christmas season. Make it more special by adding a beautiful frame with diverse Christmas colors to spread the Christmas cheer. Put this gift amongst your family photo and always remind yourself about your loving goofy friend.

Buy Now | $14.98



Don’t get caught up in the Christmas frenzy and forget to treat your furry friend with a befitting Christmas ornament.Vprintes has made everything super easy for you, so you can simply customize a palatable gift this Xmas for your pets or your pet lover. 

Apart from pet gift ideas,Vprintes has other gift ideas to help you wow your loved ones with beautiful customized Christmas gifts. Want something for your best friend? For mom? Dad? Partner? We have all the best personalized Christmas gift options to choose from. Ok! Enough of the long talks, head to our gift hub now, and do something truly meaningful for a loved one this season. 

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